Your Solution to Development Languages and Domains Is Here

This is the building eXtendiaIT company is located.  Just a side note :)  BTW, great place to work, away from traffic in a green park. The building itself is called IT Park.

Sometimes you need someone with the most development languages and domains experience to take care of many different needs. With all the different languages and domains out there such as .Net, ASP, Java and PHP as well as Web Sphere, My SQL, Oracle, SQL and other platforms, you need experience that you can trust. This is where trust is earned with The language offerings to clients include .Net, VC and Visual Applications, VB, C#, C++, C and Java.

More offerings to clients will include e-Commerce and Web Portal Design along with mobile OS platforms that include iPhone, Symbian, WinCE and Android. Also included is server, tablet and iPad development.  A lot, right?

Clients do need full service IT Company that can take care of many different requirments, development languages and domains as well as mobile development.  With developing technologies, the business that moves ahead in technology, stays ahead. With the Internet growing even more popular and more and more business being done online, a demand is growing for companies that can provide these high quality services to businesses.  The internet is a fast growing way of making a living and demand is growing for eCommerce sites.  This is the damand side :)

In the supply side, we think the expertise of eXtendiaIT fits in many different categories. You know we were going to say that.  However, we are open to your suggestions.  Glad to meet companies like us here.  If you are such a company, make a comment here, and we can communicate.

Experience in Mainframe Computer Systems Hardware and Software is Needed

Many people still use the Legacy application systems even though newer and more efficient technologies are in use. Companies’ legacy experience allows to service and provide clients with strong and effective systems which are a known factor to businesses due to their costs and reliability. Many different computer systems hardware and software have been developed in Armenia over the years. One of which is the EC1030/1045/1046 with IBM 360/370 and the Sevan multi-processor hardware platform for computers.

Today companies need to have experience with mainframe computer systems such as IBM Assembler, FORTRAN and COBOL systems. Armenia has many opportunities available as a provider due to its position as the Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union.  Since Armenia was the center of computer research from the 1950’s up until 1991, there is a wealth of experience to take advantage of. With computer costs skyrocketing, many legacy systems are still in place due to their reliability and performance.

Many companies in Armenia developed their experience in this environment, and made it available to clients so that they have strong and dependable systems in place that can handle the work load without failing. With over 40+ years of experience in the Legacy systems, software and hardware, eXtendiaIT among them.  Many years of experience make eXtendiaIT an attractive provider of computers and technology to Armenia.

If you are looking for information about Armenia’s experience in legacy systems, visit us!  You do not need words, you will SEE.  Why we say that?  Because you will notice senior staff, indeed Soviet generation genuis people, next to the college grads!  Incredibly friendly, open group of people.

Any thoughts about, whether experience in mainframe computer systems is needed, or not?

EXtendiaIT for All Your Mobile Development Needs

At eXtendiaIT we are not very humble in discolsing our stregths to help our clients make informed decisions :)

When it comes to mobile application development, no one has more experience than eXtendiaIT. In platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Apple iPhone OSX, our specialists have extensive experience in all factors of these applications such as interactive site development, portals and applications. The demand for cell phone services is getting higher and our applications will work with all four mobile applications. Each product and service deriving from these four platforms has been developed by four different groups working in unison to provide these products and services.

If you are looking for service providers of outsourced or off shored mobile development from start to finish, then look at our latest offerings of products and services. We also provide our clients with quick response support as well as their end users. Our services also offer free mobile application download. It doesn’t matter where you are, our company can be of service to you for all of your mobile needs. Our services are cost effective and help supply the demand for mobile usage to our clients. No matter if you choose mobiles that have different operating systems, we can support and develop applications for those needs.

While Google Android and Apple iPhone OSX are wildly popular in the West, Symbian and Windows Mobile are also gaining ground here. These OS power mobiles that are smart and always connected to the Internet are in great demand by many different users of mobile technology. Many people want to connect to office or home. Our services can help you to achieve this goal. We can develop the mobile technology that is needed in order to supply interactive site development, mobile applications and portals that work with the four major operating systems for Google, Apple, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

If you have need of services like these, do not hesitate to contact us :), we will be glad to talk to you, answer your questions.  Our cost effective solutions can help make your business better and provide your clients with mobile support.

We think, this is not only our opinion.  What’s yours?  Please let us know!

Silicon Valley in Caucasus

Armenia held a fair share of the Soviet IT industry right up the late 80s and early 90s. After the Soviet Union dissolution however, most of the highly skilled minds lost their qualifications and this saw the IT industry in Armenia hibernate for quite some time. During this time, the rest of the world developed more innovative technologies, making it even harder for Armenia to pick up from where it left off after the Soviet dissolution.

However, determination is one of the strongest forces of nature. A few years has passed since the Armenian economy started to get a stronger grasp on her Information Technology sector once again. And as IT keeps growing in Armenia with more and more advances in the present day and and improvement in the business and product quality, more and more dynamic companies are coming on board to help propel it rapidly even higher.

Most of the initiative in bringing the Armenian information technology sector back under the spotlight started in the mid-90s, with notable milestones surpassed with the turn of the new millennium. Today, a great percentage of the various specialties are efficiently covered by the information technology companies in Armenia, and the Government recognizes it as one of the most important industries in Armenia. With over a hundred service providers actively propping the IT industry up, and an over ninety percent annual IT production export volume, Armenia is ready to take it’s place on the world Information technology stage.

The Silicon Valley of the Caucasus with contributions from the IT industry in Armenia seeks to build an alternative source of energy for the region. This will ensure that the local industry can produce this energy for its people instead of importing it, and over time build the extra capacity to export to the ever growing regional market for  alternative energy sources. The Silicon Valley in the Caucasus is one other way the government and the private sector are looking to reduce pollution (go green) and harmful degradation of the environment.

What’s your opinion?  Did you have an experience working with Armenian engineers?  Do you know any IT services provider?