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Consider Customers When Designing Mobile Applications

Companies having presence on the Internet design and build mobile applications for Android, Apple iPhone OSX, Symbian, Windows Mobile.  It is imperative to understand what the customers need in order to build customer-centric applications. 

 Gartner research recognized the newest trends in mobile application development, such as using mobile phones for money transfer, search, health monitoring, payments, advertising, and location-based services, etc.  Surveys are conducted among end users to discover customer intentions while they download applications, or use mobile-optimized websites.

Over 20,000 iPhone applications are now available and the number is growing.   Depending upon the type of business a company is in, they either optimize their sites for mobile or create mobile applications.  Yes, going mobile is becoming imperative for  business success.  However, it is crucial to learn whether a website has customers arriving from mobile and what exactly they are doing on the website.  That information is contained in the traffic sources section of the analysis report.

If the number of mobile visitors is significant, then, the company’s attention is warranted.  Companies need to allocate funds and resources for going mobile.  From our experience, even a small company with 1000 visitors a month has about 2-3% of their traffic coming from mobile devices.  It is vitally important for companies to understand how to serve these clients and investigate ways of reaching those people, using improved and new techniques in mobile app development and distribution.

Since customers look for convenience and efficiency when turning to mobile, these sites or applications should be designed accordingly.  For example, mobile devices have low resolution small screens.  Also most often the connection quality is poor on mobile.  The applications that are optimized for those cases would become leaders.

Before going to mobile, it is good to recognize exactly what the customers will be looking for on the website, and what actions they will be taking on their smartphones.  Some people are willing to buy something.  It means websites need to provide them with large enough action buttons.  If people are reading texts, then the letters should be readable and easy to move the content back and forth.  Some applications are just for advertisements.  They are free apps that people download, however they make the company’s brand recognizable in the mobile application development world.

Mobility is the key value of mobile applications.  Users appreciate the fact that they can use the applications anywhere, and  any place.  It provides great advantages to businesses that want to be reachable and accessible for their customers.  These efforts will be appreciated by the market.   The Research director at Gartner Sandy Shen says: “Each player will influence how the application is delivered and experienced by consumers, who ultimately vote with their attention and spending power”.

What do you think, which direction the mobile applications development trend is going?

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