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Experience in Mainframe Computer Systems Hardware and Software is Needed

Many people still use the Legacy application systems even though newer and more efficient technologies are in use. Companies’ legacy experience allows to service and provide clients with strong and effective systems which are a known factor to businesses due to their costs and reliability. Many different computer systems hardware and software have been developed in Armenia over the years. One of which is the EC1030/1045/1046 with IBM 360/370 and the Sevan multi-processor hardware platform for computers.

Today companies need to have experience with mainframe computer systems such as IBM Assembler, FORTRAN and COBOL systems. Armenia has many opportunities available as a provider due to its position as the Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union.  Since Armenia was the center of computer research from the 1950’s up until 1991, there is a wealth of experience to take advantage of. With computer costs skyrocketing, many legacy systems are still in place due to their reliability and performance.

Many companies in Armenia developed their experience in this environment, and made it available to clients so that they have strong and dependable systems in place that can handle the work load without failing. With over 40+ years of experience in the Legacy systems, software and hardware, eXtendiaIT among them.  Many years of experience make eXtendiaIT an attractive provider of computers and technology to Armenia.

If you are looking for information about Armenia’s experience in legacy systems, visit us!  You do not need words, you will SEE.  Why we say that?  Because you will notice senior staff, indeed Soviet generation genuis people, next to the college grads!  Incredibly friendly, open group of people.

Any thoughts about, whether experience in mainframe computer systems is needed, or not?

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Experience in Mainframe Computer Systems Hardware and Software is Needed, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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