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Silicon Valley in Caucasus

Armenia held a fair share of the Soviet IT industry right up the late 80s and early 90s. After the Soviet Union dissolution however, most of the highly skilled minds lost their qualifications and this saw the IT industry in Armenia hibernate for quite some time. During this time, the rest of the world developed more innovative technologies, making it even harder for Armenia to pick up from where it left off after the Soviet dissolution.

However, determination is one of the strongest forces of nature. A few years has passed since the Armenian economy started to get a stronger grasp on her Information Technology sector once again. And as IT keeps growing in Armenia with more and more advances in the present day and and improvement in the business and product quality, more and more dynamic companies are coming on board to help propel it rapidly even higher.

Most of the initiative in bringing the Armenian information technology sector back under the spotlight started in the mid-90s, with notable milestones surpassed with the turn of the new millennium. Today, a great percentage of the various specialties are efficiently covered by the information technology companies in Armenia, and the Government recognizes it as one of the most important industries in Armenia. With over a hundred service providers actively propping the IT industry up, and an over ninety percent annual IT production export volume, Armenia is ready to take it’s place on the world Information technology stage.

The Silicon Valley of the Caucasus with contributions from the IT industry in Armenia seeks to build an alternative source of energy for the region. This will ensure that the local industry can produce this energy for its people instead of importing it, and over time build the extra capacity to export to the ever growing regional market for  alternative energy sources. The Silicon Valley in the Caucasus is one other way the government and the private sector are looking to reduce pollution (go green) and harmful degradation of the environment.

What’s your opinion?  Did you have an experience working with Armenian engineers?  Do you know any IT services provider?


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